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Posted By: Christian
Date Posted: 11 November 2007 at 12:03am


De Janvier 1958 au 26 mars 1970 "M470 "TEMSE" Force Navale belge.
Le 26 mars 1970 "SURO" Corée du Sud.

Du 24 avril 1958 au 11 mars 1970 "M471 "HASSELT" Force Navale belge.
Le 11 septembre 1970 transferré au KMKK section Campine

Du 13 juin 1958 au 01 août 1989 "M472 "KORTRIJK" Force Navale belge.
Le 04 avril 1990 vendu.

Du 08 août 1958 au 01 février 1987 "M473 "LOKEREN" Force Navale belge.
Le 01 février 1987 déclassé, et vendu en 1990 à "Danish Breakers"

Du 29 septembre 1958 au 01 février 1987 "M474 "TURNHOUT" Force Navale belge.
Le 01 février 1987 déclassé, et vendu en 1992 à "Nelson Sweepers"Louvain.

Le 09 décembre 1958 à "M475 "TONGEREN" Force Navale belge.
Vendu à Ostende.

Le 06 février 1959 à "M476 "MERKSEM" Force Navale belge
Tamise le 29 août 1968

Du 25 avril 1959 au 01 février 1987 "M477 "OUDENAARDE" Force Navale belge.
Offert au musée de la Marne du Steen à Anvers.

Du 1956 au 14 octobre 1957 M90 US Navy.
Du 25 avril 1959 au 01 février 1987 "M478 "HERSTAL" Force Navale belge.

Du 1956 au 24 mars 1958 M91 US Navy.
Du 24 mars 1958 à 1990 "M479 "HUY" Force Navale belge.

De 1957 au 03 juin 1958 M92 US Navy.
Du 03 juin 1958 à 1990 "M480 "SERAING" Force Navale belge.

De 1957 à juillet 1958 M93 US Navy.
De juillet 1958 au 26 mars 1970 "M481 "TOURNAI" Force Navale belge.
Du 26 mars 1970 "SURO 6" Corée du Sud.

De 1957 au 11 septembre 1958 M94 US Navy.
Du 11 septembre 1958 à 1992"M482 "VISE" Force Navale belge.
En 1992 vendu à KMKK Bruxelles

Du 10 novembre 1958 à 1992"M483 "OUGREE" Force Navale belge.
En 1992 vendu à R.Putters Anvers

De 1958 au 14 janvier 1959 M96 US Navy.
Le 14 janvier 1959 "M484 "DINANT" Force Navale belge.
Il sera vendu en 1990 et portera le nom de "Danish Breakers".

De 1958 au 20 avril 1959 M97 US Navy.
Du 20 avril 1959 à 1992"M485 "ANDENNE" Force Navale belge.
De 1992 à 1995 vendu à KMKK
En 1995 vendu




Posted By: Christian
Date Posted: 11 November 2007 at 12:08am
ALTHAM M 2602 Camper & Nicholson  08.07.53  to Malaysia '59 SRI JOHORE. BU '67.         
ARLINGHAM  M 2603 Camper & Nicholson11.53  sold '77.         
ASHELDHAM  M 2604  Philip  09.09.53                      to Malaysia '59 SRI PERLIS. BU '67. 
BASSINGHAM  M 2605 Vosper  01.10.53        &nbs p;     sold '66. KENYAN HMEAS BASSINGHAM. broken up sept-oct 1980 at Pounds.
BEDHAM  M 2606 J. Bolson (Poole)  18.12.53      to Malaysia '59 LANKA SUKA BU '67 .
BISHAM  M 2607 J. Bolson (Poole)  02.07.54       Damaged by fire with Broadley&Edlingham29/09/56. Wreck sold 1957.   
BLUNHAM  M 2608  Brooke Marine  11.06.53        -
BODENHAM  M 2609 Brooke Marine  23.09.53      to Saudi Arabia'68 stricken'84  
BOREHAM M 2610 Brooke Marine  16.12.53         to Malaysia, 5th March 1966. Renamed Jerong.  Broken up 1970.
BOTTISHAM M 2611 Ailsa (Troon)  21.10.53         to RAF as IRV5010 Sold 1973 Gomba Marine. Re-sold 7/77 to mid East.
BRANTINGHAM M 2612  Ailsa (Troon)  02.07.54   to Malaysia, 1959. Renamed Temasek. Broken up 1966.
BRIGHAM M 2613 Berthon Boat  22.12.53        &nbs p;   Sold 1968
BUCKLESHAM M 2614 Ardrossan D.Y.  30.04.54   Sold 1981  Now "ORCA 2" RF  
CARDINHAM M 2615 Herd & McKenzie  17.07.53  Sold for breaking 1967. 
CHELSHAM M 2616 Jones Slip  15.07.53        &nbs p;      to RAF as IRV5011 Sold 1973 Gomba Marine.Re-sold 7/77 to mid-East.   
COBHAM M 2618 Fairlie Yacht  01.07.53        &nbs p;     Sold 1966.
DARSHAM M 2619 Jones Slip  21.12.53                    Sold 1966.
DAVENHAM M 2620 W Weatherhead 12.53          Sold 1966.  
DITTISHAM M 2621 Fairlie Yacht  29.06.54        &nbs p; Used as training ship and given to Sea Cadets, 1983. Broken up 1997.
DOWNHAM M 2622 White (IOW)  27.03.56        &nbs p; Sold 1982.
EDLINGHAM M 2623 Weatherhead 10.53         & nbsp;   Damaged by fire with Broadley&Bisham 29/09/56. Wreck sold 1957.  
ELSENHAM M 2624 Ailsa (Troon)  11.01.56         Sold to Arabian Federation, 1967. Stricken 1984.
ETCHINGHAM M 2625 Ailsa (Troon)  27.06.58     Sold for breaking 1967.
EVERINGHAM M 2626 Philip  14.07.54                      AS TRV 1979.        Sold 1983.  
FELMERSHAM M 2627 C&Nicholson 11.05.54       to Malaysia, 5th March 1966. Renamed Todak. Broken up 1976.
FLINTHAM M 2628 J. Bolson (Poole)  01.11.55    Sold 1982 . BU at Willments Yard Soton early 90's DF  
DAMERHAM M 2629 Brooke Marine  19.03.54       Sold September 1966. 
FRITHAM M 2630 Brooke Marine  07.07.54        &nbs p; Sold 1980.
GLENTHAM M 2631 Ardrossan D.Y.  20.05.58       Sold April 1966 in Singapore for scrapping.
GREETHAM M 2632 Herd&McKenzie02.55      &n bsp;   to Libya'62"Zuara"(Broken up 1973!)NOW TOURBOAT LADY DAVINIA AT MALTA. 
HALSHAM M 2633 Jones Slip  09.07.54        &nbs p;      to RAF as RCT'72 "RG MASTERS VC"Sold 1981Greek ferry Sotirakis.TH
HARPHAM M 2634 Jones Slip  22.12.54                    to Libya, 1962. Renamed Brak. Broken up 1973. 
HAVERSHAM M 2635 McLean Renfrew 10.54         AS TRV 1978.  Broken up 1985.
INGLESHAM M 2601 White (IOW) 13.05.53        &nbs p; sold 1966. 
LASHAM M 2636 Wm. Weatherhead  16.09.54      AS TRV 1978. Sold 1981. Seen(as original)at Pto.Sotogrande(Spain)mid'80s.
HOVINGHAM M 2637 Fairlie Yacht  11.07.56         Sold 1966.
CRANHAM M 2701 White (IOW)  01.06.54        &nbs p;   Sold 09/66.   NOW AS TOURBOAT BURJA AT CROATIA (EX FULGIDAS).PS 
FRETTENHAM M 2702 White (IOW)  14.09.54        to France MSI-20  M771 Tulipe 29/12/1954 04/1984.  Broken up 1989.  
ISHAM M 2703 White (IOW)  25.01.55                       to France MSI-40  M774 Oeillet 30/04/1955 04/1984. BU AMSTERDAM 89.  
KINGHAM M 2704 White (IOW)  01.06.55        &nbs p;     to France MSI-41  M775 Pâquerette 29/07/55-15/06/88. BU NAPLES 91. 
HILDERSHAM M 2705 Vosper  09.11.54                      to India, 1955. Renamed Bimlipatan. Stricken 1994.  
LEDSHAM M 2706 J. Bolson (Poole)  22.03.55 Sold 04/71(for breaking!)Yacht NIPATINA (AT SOTON 1988). Now art gallery in Deptford Creek London, fire damaged Nov 2007. PS 
LITTLESHAM M 2707 Brooke Marine  21.10.53        to India, 15th June 1955. Renamed Bassein. Stricken 1994.
LUDHAM M 2708 Fairlie Yacht  30.03.56                    Sold March 1967. 
MERSHAM M 2709 P.K. Harris  14.01.55                      France MSI-46  M773 Violette 04/55-02/87.     BU SITTINGBOURNE 89 .
MICKLEHAM M 2710 Berthon Boat  10.05.55         Sold August 1966.
MILEHAM M 2711 Wm. Blackmore  16.03.55        &nbs p; to France  MSI-48  M783 Hortensia 20/07/1955 18/11/1983.        & nbsp;  
NEASHAM M 2712 White (IOW)  15.11.57        &nbs p;      NOW AS YACHT ACHILLES III IN AUS ex RAN PORPOISE .
NETTLEHAM M 2713 White 21.02.58                             Sold November 1967. Now Caroline, Le Havre restaurant.PS
OCKHAM M 2714 Ailsa (Troon)  05.11.59        &nbs p;       Sold September 1967 renamed Samala RF. TO ANTIGUA 1976 VIA GIB.
OTTRINGHAM M 2715 Ailsa (Troon)  17.12.58         to Ghana, October 1959. Renamed Afadzato. Broken up 1977.
PAGHAM M 2716 Jones Slip  22.03.56                          gift to Stranraer Sea Cadet Unit'99 .Now derelict at DRUMMORE.
FORDHAM M 2717 Jones Slip  13.12.56                        Sold 1981.
PETERSHAM M 2718 McLean (Renfrew)  09.03.55   to France MSI-55  M782 Capucine 24/06/1955 04/1984  stricken.
PINEHAM M 2719 McLean (Renfrew)  22.07.55       to France MSI-66  M789 Pétunia 24/11/1955 26/09/1986 Broken up.
POWDERHAM M 2720 White (IOW)  22.05.60         AS WATERWITCH exOLD PECULIAR BU'06 NE UK after much effort to save. 
PULHAM M 2721 Saunders-Roe  10.01.56        &nbs p;     Sold August 1966.
RACKHAM M 2722 Saunders-Roe  26.06.56        &nbs p;  Sold July 1967.
REEDHAM M 2723 Saunders-Roe  20.11.58        &nbs p;  Sold August 1966 .
RENDLESHAM M 2724 Brooke Marine  25.02.55     to France MSI-61  M781 Aubépine 24/06/1955 1971   SOLD'74. 
RIPLINGHAM M 2725 Brooke Marine  01.07.55      to France MSI-62  M788 Myosotis 10/09/1955 06/06/1984   .
SHIPHAM M 2726 Brooke Marine  03.02.56    Sold 1986  recently(AS SURVEY TYPE) BROKEN UP 2005 .
SAXLINGHAM M 2727 Berthon Boat  29.01.57       Sold April 1968. Now "Lews Castle" RF
SHRIVENHAM M 2728 J. Bolson 08.56                       Sold'69. PLA-'80. NOW (AS HB) IN ROCHFORD ESSEX (owner Rachel) PS. 
SIDLESHAM M 2729 Harris 11.55    Sold 07/67  Now THE GERALD DANIEL at BOSHAM Chichester (Christian Youth Enterprises). 
STEDHAM M 2730 Blackmore  28.07.55        &nbs p;       to France MSI-67  M776 Jasmin 05/11/1955 09/01/1986 BU SITTINGBOURNE 89.    
SPARHAM M 2731 Vosper  26.07.55        &nbs p;  France MSI-68  M785 Hibiscus 10/55-02/86 BU as above
SULHAM M 2732 Fairlie Yacht  21.07.55        &nbs p;    to France MSI-69  M787 Jonquille 25/10/1955 03/12/1984     BU AT NAPLES 91 .     
THAKEHAM M 2733 Fairlie Yacht  15.11.57         Sold 1977  .
TIBENHAM M 2734 McGruer 04.55     to  France MSI-71  M784 Géranium 23/07/55 -27/07/87.  
TONGHAM M 2735 Jason Miller 06.57  Sold 80   Now owned by BRIAN LAWS in Frinton, laid-up.RF
TRESHAM M 2736 M Giles 11.55                              Sold 1966   VTL  SURVEY MARGHERITA at GOSPORT. NOW ESSEX.
WARMINGHAM  M 2737 Thornycroft  30.11.56   Sold 1983.
WEXHAM M 2738 Jason Taylor  11.01.55        &nbs p;  to France MSI-75 Vexham   M772 Armoise 02/04/1955  1989  Stricken 1987.
WHIPPINGHAM M 2739 J Taylor  21.06.55        &nbs p; to France MSI-76 M786 Dahlia 27/09/1955 02/07/1990  Stricken 1992  .
WINTRINGHAM M 2777 White 8.12.55                    Transf to Aus'67"Seal"-Diving Tender Sold 1988 NOW(AS YACHT)SEAL IN AUS  .
WOLDINGHAM M 2778 White IOW17.07.57         Sold September 1966.
WRENTHAM M 2779 Dorset Yacht 06.07.55        laid down as Edgeley. Sold August 1966  .
YAXHAM M 2780 WhiteIOW 19.03.59                    TO SURVEY AS WOODLARK'64 Soton University RN training sunk as target 1986.  
PORTISHAM M 2781 Dorset Yacht26.03.56        Sold January 1989  NOW (AS ORIGINAL) PORTISHAM IN ESSEX. 
POPHAM(exHatterley)M 2782 Vosper 10.55     Sold 02/76-RAN-OTTER Y299cradled in resve Garden Is.Sydneysold '76.ACHILLES I.         & ;nbs p;    
ODIHAM M 2783 Vosper  27.07.56                          Sold 1980 .           ; ;   
PUTTENHAM M 2784 Thornycroft  09.05.58        Sold 1980  RECENTLY(AS TOURBOAT)ELEFTHERIA IN CRETE BU 10/2006 RF.
BIRDHAM M 2785 Jason Taylor  05.03.57        &nbs p; Sold 1980 NOW (AS HB) IN ROCHFORD ESSEX PS  .
RAMPISHAM M 2786 J. Bolson10.57                      Squirrel 12/57. Reverted to Rampisham 12/59. Sold 08/66 . Now yacht Calypso
ABBOTSHAM M 2787 Wm. Blackmore01.57       Sold June 1967   NOW(as charter yacht) BLACK ABBOTT in HOLLAND. RF. 
GEORGEHAM M 2788 P.K. Harris 11.57         & nbsp;    Sold Nov 67-Decca Navigator Ltd.Now at Chelsea 10/07. PS
MALHAM M 2789 Fairlie Yacht  10.12.58        &nbs p;   t/fer to Ghana Oct'59.    Renamed Yogada.          ; ; Broken up 1977 .
THATCHAM M 2790 Jones Slip  17.04.58        &nbs p;   AS DGV 1979         &a mp;n bsp;  Sold 1986  .
SANDRINGHAM M 2791McLean 09.57  ferry'72-83for RNAD Coulport workers.Sold to Pounds in 1986.Now Greek ferry Sotirakis II.   
POLSHAM M 2792 Morgan Giles  06.04.60         Sold Feb'67-PortofLondonAuthority  NOW(AS HB) MAPLIN AT ST OSYTH PS. 
THORNHAM M 2793 Jason Taylor  20.06.58      '67-Aberdeen University.        Broken up 1985.
ECHO J S White 1 May 1957.    later Marine Society EARL OF ROMNEY.      Sold to EGYPT 2005. 
ENTERPRISE Blackmore'59.      owned by Tom Newman for PIRATES FOR PEACE Soton.      Now in Kilkeel Ireland.
EGERIA Weatherhead'59.       later Marine Soc; JONAS HANWAY.'98-Norfolk based dive tender. Now Egeria in Fareham Creek.            

DINGLEY M 2001  White (IOW)  22.07.54               FODENS. Sold July 1967.
AVELEY M 2002  White (IOW)  03.02.54                 Became Sea Cadet ship Woolwich 1983. Broken up 1986.
BREARLEY  M 2003 White (IOW)  15.04.55         FODENS. Sold May 1971.   
BRENCHLEY  M 2004 Saunders-Roe  22.09.54    Sold January 1966. 
BRINKLEY  M 2005 Saunders-Roe  03.11.54        Sold January 1966.
BROADLEY  M 2006  Wm. Blackmore  12.09.54  Damaged by fire with Bisham & Edlingham 29/09/56. Wreck sold 1957.   
BROOMLEY  M 2007 P.K.Harris  05.08.54               Renamed Watchful January 1959. Sold 1968.   
BURLEY  M 2008 Dorset Yacht Co.  29.06.54      Renamed Squirrel December 1959. Sold January 1968.  
CHAILEY  M 2009  Saunders-Roe  07.01.55         Sold June 1969.  
CRADLEY M 2010  Saunders-Roe  05.05.55         Renamed Isis 1963. Sold April 1982 .
TCA2000 ( - ),
HMS ECHO ( - ),
MCDOA ( - ),
OLDSHIPS ( - Class.htm ),
PAXMAN ( - ),
SHIPSPOTTING ( - 5471 ),

Posted By: sbkenn
Date Posted: 07 May 2014 at 10:10pm
Portisham is now in Balbriggan, Ireland, as a liveaboard and pretty much seaworthy.  Completely new superstructure, and modern engines and gearboxes.  Wood is in excellent shape with minimal leaks other than deck.
  Further info on request.  google maps satellite shows her here, and at my last look, also in Pembroke Port.


Posted By: johnk
Date Posted: 08 May 2014 at 1:38pm
Hi there,

Most interesting, was aboard once back in the day with the RNXS, good to hear she continues to survive and serve as a home for someone, many thanks,


Posted By: sbkenn
Date Posted: 08 May 2014 at 3:02pm
2x850 gallon fueltanks on foredeck.  These will be installed in the engineroom in place of the Fodens which are still there.

Posted By: johnk
Date Posted: 08 May 2014 at 4:03pm
Hi there,

Ah, great stuff, yes noted last re decks, can be with a wooden decked ship of course, advice we have at the Paddle Steamer Medway Queen is to keep wet, daily dose of water from a hose pipe system, good caulking, Medusa HDML laid ply sheets then over-laid with deck planks, not sure how that is working, hopefully well, but as I say, problem faced by many ships and vessels, only as per above, daily wetting, which would have been done in service by crew/company, to keep deck tight not so much to keep clean but that was also a point, apart form keeping guys busy......



Posted By: sbkenn
Date Posted: 08 May 2014 at 4:19pm
In time, I will seal with Sika deck caulking.  Actual wood is mostly in good shape.  Some is coming apart rather than rotten.  Only 2 significant rotted holes in deck are about 15" each side of the lazarette hatch, and 6" diameter as though there had been something bolted there.  No bolt holes though so I am slightly puzzled.  Top 2, maybe 3 outer planks of hull are quite rotten behind rubbing strake.  Some of inner planks too.
I have been saturating the deck with linseed oil which I have found is far cheaper (1/3rd of hardware shop price) from an agricultural supplier as vitamin supplement for horses.
  The hull is tight except for Starboard lazarette.  Many old screw holes going almost through, plus complete lack of caulking and, I suspect, rotten calico.  It looks like there was a big protective plate attached there originally, but removed before my time.  I sealed between the planks with an expanding adhesive that is water tolerant, for now.  Port side is similarly rough, but not leaking.  Transom to hull interface seems good.

Posted By: sbkenn
Date Posted: 08 May 2014 at 5:58pm
Re: Rapisham
Are you sure she is Calypso ?.  The only minesweeper connection I have found is to a WWII minesweeper.

Posted By: sbkenn
Date Posted: 08 May 2014 at 6:43pm
Re: Enterprise.
She spent several years in Carlingfors, being used by Tom Newman (I believe) as a houseboat.  Then some time anchored off Warrenpoint/Rostrevor where she broke her moorings, beached, and was ransacked.  Earlier this year, she was in Kilkeel for a refit in preparation for a move to Australia ... again, I believe.

Posted By: sbkenn
Date Posted: 08 May 2014 at 6:52pm
Re: Birdham
She was in Rochford as a liveaboard as mentioned.  Recently changed hands, the new owner then sold the rudders and props, confirming her long term residence there.  There is another ham just outside the boatyard there.  She has nothing of the chartroom/bridge, nor any machinery left.  She is a family residence with all accommodation below deck.  I have just noticed on google's satellite pics, that this boat now has a cube on deck too.

Posted By: johnk
Date Posted: 09 May 2014 at 9:09am
Hi there,

Ah, now that is interesting re linseed oil......., few issues as you say with a wooden boat, getting on of course, but as per, great they are still going in a new guise, all the best,


Posted By: adryan
Date Posted: 30 June 2017 at 3:33pm
HMS Tresham (Margherita) Is now in Maldon Essex, a lot of the original equipment was removed in the 1994 Vosper re-fit, however, original engines and below deck layout in place.

Narrowly escaped being scrapped in 2014, new owners keen to keep her going. Below deck she is in reasonable condition but suffers from deck leaks like so many like her

Posted By: johnk
Date Posted: 01 July 2017 at 1:05pm
Hi there,

Just seen latest post there..noted Tongham not listed, now at Mistley? but soon to Gillingham pier as music studio/tuition space plus vegan cafe!..


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