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Model 2757

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Topic: Model 2757
Posted By: RobStobbs
Subject: Model 2757
Date Posted: 14 August 2011 at 8:42am
G'day all.

I was last here way back in 2007 when I first began to dream of making a 1:20 scale model of 2757 and had some very helpful advice from members.  Now, after many delays due to other model-making commitments, I am well on my way to making the 'fiddly bits' on my model. 

I'm working from Vic Smeed's drawings which, unfortunately, leave out loads of detail.  Right now I'm desperate to find drawings or pics of the 'open bridge'.  Details like what fittings / instrumentation there is in there; what colours are the bulkheads (light grey like the rest of the upper works?); what the deckhead levels are, and so on.  Can anyone help please?

One more.  The tie-downs for the dinghy.  Are they via eyes and bottle screws?


Posted By: barnacle
Date Posted: 13 November 2011 at 12:38am
Hi Rob,
From memory the tie downs for the dinghy on the engine room top was 2 broad canvas straps that crossed over the dinghy and tied down to ring bolts fastened to the engine room top, no bottle screws involved.

As for the flying bridge the main colour was light grey (as per the rest of the superstructure) however, the upper edge 'trim work' was varnished and the inside of the the 'dodger' (the upper screen of the flying bridge) was painted in 'eau de nil' - a horrible sickly pale green colour

Posted By: RobStobbs
Date Posted: 17 November 2011 at 5:30am
Many thanks for this info.  I think I'll forgo the 'Eeeuuu-de-Nil"paint bit and just leave it all white! 

What does concern me are the deck levels within this open bridge which must be considerably higher than the general deck level unless only lofty giants are allowed there!

Having done some preliminary running trials I decided that in order to reduce overall weight I'd make all the deck fittings from machined 'Perspex' and other plastic materials rather than brass.

The model is taking far longer to complete than I had hoped, due mainly to 'other commitments' the family dump on me!

Regards, Robin

Posted By: barnacle
Date Posted: 17 November 2011 at 8:48pm
Hi again Rob,

Access to the flying bridge was via a door at the rear of the wheelhouse, there were 2 steps to go up. This left a space under the flying bridge which was used as a stowage locker for various odds and ends. It was I guess a couple of foot high.
Gratings were fitted in the bottom of the flying bridge for drainage and for us less lofty folk to be able to see over the top.
As for fittings up there, all i can recall is 2 seats, one a drop down affair directly opposite the door and another in the stbd aft corner which sat on top of the pyro locker. There was also a speaking tube which ran from the centre of the forr'ad side down into the wheelhouse and came out above the helmsman. I dont ever recall this being used as it was easier to shout through the open bridge door. The flag locker was located on the rear bulkhead of the flying bridge.

Regards, Mal

Posted By: RobStobbs
Date Posted: 18 November 2011 at 8:37am
Many thanks again Mal.  Now that I know what to look for I'll give the drawings I have a severe looking at to see if I can determine exactly where those steps are.  You've been most helpful - thanks again. Robin

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